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OK so i have not updated in quite a while, so I will now... well as a… - Adrian College Circle K [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Nov. 11th, 2004|02:59 pm]
Adrian College Circle K
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OK so i have not updated in quite a while, so I will now...
well as a club we have over $800 dollars in our account as of right now, but I am in the process of sending the dues out, with all of our member information, so that all of you new people can become members. When all is said and done we won't have that much $ in our account, but we will have some. I still need $ from some of you, you know who you are, for dues, F.L.T.C., and T-shirt $. After the meeting tonight, I will be asking all of you people who owe me $ to stay behind for a couple of minutes, just to quickly talk to you about payment plans. If you don't stay, I will call you sometime next week to talk to you. Don't worry if you cannot afford it now, we will discuss this.
Also as a club we are doing the phonathon to raise $, but I have to get something off of my chest about it, here it goes... As the treasurer, not as miranda, I am very disappointed in our club, because only about 4 or 5 of us out of like 25 are involved. This was a very easy way to make a nice amount of $ if we all had been involved. I calculated it up and with 5 of us, we are making about $200, imagine how much it would of been w/25 of us!! I understand that you all are busy w/other things in your life,but so are the rest of us, and Corey, the person in charge, was very laid back about it, you could have only worked an hour once a week and she would have been fine with that, and so would have I. It was only 3 weeks long, every mon-thurs 6-9, and you could have worked on any day at any time.
Anyway, I also have to apologize for myself. I have been a poor treasurer this year, and I regret how our fundraisers have been going. Unfortunatly, as some of you have probably noticed, we have not started ant fundraisers, and this is all my fault and I am really sorry for this. I will try my hardest to get a move on with the fundraising in the future, my hope is to get the pop can fundraiser going soon. and we WILL be starting the sucker fundraiser when we return from break. Anyway I think that is it for now, See you all tonight.