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w00t! so i'm finally updating! i don't know if i already wrote… - Adrian College Circle K [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Nov. 5th, 2004|12:40 am]
Adrian College Circle K


[Current Mood |gigglygirly]

w00t! so i'm finally updating!

i don't know if i already wrote about this or not. i think i did. We are in posession of MSU's gavel. thanks to Miranda :)

Last weekend was Trick or Canning! it was super duper fun!! we got like 7 or 8 boxes of stuff total for the Salvation Army! great job guys!

Also, earlier tonight we went to U of M for their inductions. it was a lot of fun! i have fallen in love with the secretary of their club! *giggle* and we stole their bell. couldn't find the gavel, so we took the bell. i've been thinking of ways to work that to my advantage;) go read my livejournal to see my plans...

sorry that i haven't been updating a whole bunch. but remember, those of you who are members can update too:)

anyway, anna needs sleep so i'm gonna head back over to davis to see if the stupid internet is working yet. tata

From: ac_ck_treasurer
2004-11-05 01:12 pm (UTC)
May I ask you who you are?
If no, then at least tell me are you in Circle K?
And if so what college are you from?
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